Dream of traveling to Greece

You’ve been reading up and taking care of yourself, and finally letting go of your fears, ready to travel to Greece. No doubt about it, traveling may have changed in coronavirus times, but it can still be a safe and rewarding experience… and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Why is Greece the safest place to visit in the Covid-19 era? Well, besides its successful track record of effectively restricting the spread of the virus and its extensive “Stay Safe” action plan, Greece is blessed to be a country with nearly 300 sun-filled days a year and very mild weather all year round. So, this makes it very easy to do mostly everything travel related outside and at the same time be safe.

What can I do in Greece and keep safe distances?

Do it all outdoors, of course! 

  • Visit larger islands which have health facilities and more frequent transport services such as Rhodes and Crete
  • rent a car or camper and take a road trip 
  • come to Greece by train or car
  • go camping (you can rent a camper or trailer and campsites also rent tents and trailers on site) 
  • rent a room – spend some time cleaning and disinfecting it until you feel safe and begin your holiday. Have in mind that all accommodation facilites in Greece are obliged by law to implement stringent health standards
  • stay in one place – no need to visit lots of destinations. Stay put and chill out
  • support local boutique hotels
  • go to a smaller hard-to-get-to islands. This I would recommend only for those of you who are keen on adventure and are fully aware of their own responsibility 
  • travel to a Greek mountain destination instead
  • come to Greece off season – the best time of the year for me… you get the best in terms of weather, light, crowds, prices. Best bet? Late September, October and early November
  • do your own thing 
  • go biking – rent a bike and explore
  • go to an open-air cinema (therino cinema) – Greeks’ favorite summer pastime. Drinks and food are always available
  • wake up earlier, do things earlier: the best secret of all, particularly for popular islands like Mykonos and Santorini – you get to experience a totally different world
  • play a board game on the beach.

How to ‘Do’ Greece Outdoors

Outdoor options for traveling to  Greece
  • Hiking
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Sailing (rent a boat with family or friends only)
  • Water sports
  • Visit archaeological sites: Greece will be organizing dozens of outdoor cultural events to be held at archeological sites and in museum yards
  • Have a picnic on the beach
  • Make your own food
  • Stay at an eco-hotel

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On the road again

Hygiene measures for traveling to Greece

✓ On the road again… before you travel to Greece make sure to read this about Covid-19 regulations, and also ask the airline what rules apply on board.

  • Alert: You are allowed entry only if you’ve been fully vaccinated (for at least 14 days, applies to kids too) or have a negative PCR or rapid test result. At least 48 hours before travelling to Greece, you are also required to fill in the Passenger Locator Form (PLF). This applies to all travellers irrelevant of origin of flight. It also applies to incoming visitors by road or sea.

✓ Indulge in… everything with care to hygiene rules. All restaurants, cafes, and bars in Greece are required by law to follow health guidelines.

✓  Settle down… book your hotel and make sure to call and ask anything that you may be unclear or feel concerned about. Greek hoteliers are too bound by law to enforce strict health protocols for Covid-19.

✓ Don’t forget to buy… the best Greek products, of course! Kalamata olives, olive oil, homemade soap, pasteli sweets and spoon sweets, and Greek honey

✓ Truth or dare… The truth? Times have changed and it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself and follow all guidelines and hygiene rules. The dare? Dare to balance fear with reality, taking those necessary measures to be well and at the same time have fun. 

✓ Song & Dance… I believe that by the end of summer, most destinations in Greece will be once again organizing the popular (and legendary) open-air “panegyria” – or festivals which should not be missed. Ask the locals. The largest events are held around the 15th of August marking the Assumption of the Virgin Mary holiday (Panagias).

? I end today’s post with a song to set the mood: “Everything’s Like Summer” or “Ola Moiazoun Kalokeri” by Greek pop band Melisses & Greece’s Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou at the MAD Music Awards: Greece’s sexy summer is here virus or not. Enjoy!

Ways to travel to Greece in Covid-19 times and stay safe.


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