5 Luxury Villas for Your Dream Vacation to Greece

We’ve often dreamt about renting a luxury villa in Greece, picturing ourselves on the terrace overlooking the turquoise waters of the sea below, cocktail in hand and sexy music in the background. 

And then we tell ourselves… it’s impossible. And to be very honest, that’s what I believed for many years until a better-off friend convinced me to try it. And yes, it was a blast. I vacationed like royalty and it was possible.

Renting a summer villa on a Greek island is probably much easier and cheaper than you may think. OK, no, I’m not saying it’s like renting an Airbnb (prices of which have in all honesty increased too), I’m just saying that maybe we should splurge on ourselves sometimes even if it may seem impossible at first. 

Living in Greece and having done so myself, I can safely say that it’s worth it. The great thing is that you can get your friends together (warning: only the ones you know for sure that you get along with – same applies for sailing) and rent a villa together. As for families, a villa on a Greek island or even mainland is perfect and offers not only exlcusivity – if you’re a VIP – but also the untroubled accommodation you need. And for the couples… what a better way to honor your love if not spending a few nights like kings and queens.

In this post join me and lets discover 5 handpicked luxury villas at three locations in Greece you love: MykonosCrete, and Athens, and one off-the-beaten-track at Fragolimano, in Corinthia, near the ancient Theater of Epidaurus.

I’ve asked The Greek Vibe partner Georgios Bistas, who answered your questions in a previous post about what you need to know to rent a private villa for your holidays to Greece,to provide some expertise. George is the Greek founder and owner of Unique Villas Collection Ltd, a London-based company which specializes in all things luxury.

Make Greek Paradise Yours at These 5 Luxury Escapes

Villa Cactus, Athens

5 Luxury Villas for Your Dream Vacation to Greece
  • Perfect for families, seniors or large groups
  • private pool
  • easily accessible  
  • can host up to 10 guests
  • no wheelchair accessibility
  • no pets allowed

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Why rent a private villa in Athens?

5 Luxury Villas for Your Dream Vacation to Greece

✓ The Acropolis, its museum and the Areopagitou walkway

✓ the proximity to a few small Greek islands perfect for or weekend getaways

✓ the perfect to base for dozens of day trips to spectacular sites like Meteora

✓ the Athenian Riviera

5 Luxury Villas for Your Dream Vacation to Greece
Just perfect. Photo credit @ Unique Villas Collection

✓ the food 

✓ the museums, ancient sites, art galleries

✓ the happening bar and foodie scene 

✓ its proximity to mainland destinations

✓ the Panathenaic Stadium 

✓ the dozens of coffee houses

✓ the shopping

✓ the best place to celebrate New Year’s

Crystal View Villa, Fragolimano, Corinthia

5 Luxury Villas for Your Dream Vacation to Greece
Loved this place. Perfect for writers like me. Photo credit @ Unique Villas Collection
  • Ideal for families with young kids, writers and remote workers
  • seafront
  • secluded
  • near Athens – about an hour and 50 minutes via highway and then off the main road through a lush forest
  • near the islands of Hydra and Spetses (2 hours)
  • stunning views
  • up to 8 guests
  • a lift ensures accessibility 
  • parking
  • no pets allowed

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Why rent an exclusive villa at Fragolimano on the mainland?

5 Luxury Villas for Your Dream Vacation to Greece
Breathtaking views and beach at your door. Photo credit @ Unique Villas Collection

✓ to seek peace and quiet and to calm the mind 

✓ to relax and find balance

✓ to write, paint, create or find your inspiration

✓ to visit Ancient Epidavros and to catch a play at the anceint theater

✓ to bond with your family 

✓ to hold a renunion

✓ to discover the wonders of Corinthia, an unknown part of Greece 

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Villa Blanca, Crete 

5 Luxury Villas for Your Dream Vacation to Greece
All shades of Greek blue on Crete. Photo credit @ Unique Villas Collection
  • ideal for families, groups of friends and seniors
  • pets allowed
  • fitness center
  • jacuzzi
  • pool
  • not wheelchair accessible
  • up to 8 guests

Why rent a luxury villa on Crete?

5 Luxury Villas for Your Dream Vacation to Greece

✓ the absolute greatest Greek food

✓ the raki, of course

✓ the undiscovered towns and beaches

✓ some of the world’s greatest ancient sites

✓ the Vai palm tree forest on the beach!

✓ the nature activities

✓ the panegyria

✓ did I say the food? 

✓ the people and Cretan hospitality

✓ the Frangokastelo castle right on the beach!

5 Luxury Villas for Your Dream Vacation to Greece

✓ Chania and Rethymno

✓ the best bougatsa (sweet and savory creamy cheese pie) in the world (tried and tested)

✓ the ultimate hiking destination in Greece

✓ the dozens of gorgeous beaches for every taste

Discovering the Best of Crete in Authentic Sitia

Villa Island Times, Mykonos

5 Luxury Villas for Your Dream Vacation to Greece
Just the color of the pool at night relaxes the mind. Photo credit @ Unique Villas Collection
  • perfect for families, groups or seniors
  • up to 17 guests
  • pool
  • parties & events
  • close town access
  • no wheelchair access
  • no pets allowed

 Villa Zenith, Mykonos

5 Luxury Villas for Your Dream Vacation to Greece
The essence of life. Photo credit @ Unique Villas Collection
  • ideal for families, couples, and seniors
  • infinity pool
  • up to 12 guests
  • peaceful
  • fitness center
  • outdoor home theater
  • no wheelchair access
  • no pets allowed

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Why rent a holiday home on Mykonos?

5 Luxury Villas for Your Dream Vacation to Greece

✓ the nightlife of course 

✓ the stunning beaches 

✓ the absolute Greek island experience

✓ the luxury (Mykonos knows)

✓ the ancient island of Delos

✓ to see and be seen and to Tiktok to your heart’s content

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Why rent a villa in Greece?

5 Luxury Villas for Your Dream Vacation to Greece

And lastly, you may be asking, why should I rent a villa for my holidays in Greece. If you’ve reached this far, you’re probably dreaming of doing so. Like I said before, for the two top reasons to rent a luxury villa somewhere in Greece are because you deserve it and because life is short.

5 Luxury Villas for Your Dream Vacation to Greece
So many wines so little time. Photo credit @ Unique Villas Collection

But I will also add for the: 

✓ privacy and comfort: the villa you rent allows you the luxury of your own space, away from the crowds, with personalized services and all the things you and your family, loved ones, friends or even colleagues (why not?) need. Plus who wouldn’t enjoy the freedom of letting their kids play in the pool all day!

flexibility and ease of not needing to do things. Instead you enjoy your holidays carefree while others take care of all your needs and whims

✓ experience. Greece has been welcoming tourists for half a century so professionals here know their stuff. They have the expertise and the connections to make you vacation a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

 Don’t overthink it. If you’ve been saving for that dream luxury vacation to Greece, start planning now. Life it too short to put things on hold. Reach out to the travel advisors at TheGreekVibe.com partner Unique Villas Collection. Check out their experience on Instagram. London-based Unique Villas Collection can find the best luxury match for you on Mykonos, Santorini, the Athenian Riviera, Crete, Paros, and the Peloponnese. The company is also active in Mexico, Hawaii, Miami, Caribbean, and Spain.

 For the trusted resources I use when I travel in Greece and abroad go here

♫ I end today’s post with a wonderful song we all know and love by Nicola Piovani from the soundtrack of the film “La Vita e Bella” set to Greek lyrics by Lina Nikolakopoulou featuring singer Thodoris Voutsikakis. “Life is Beautiful” (Omorfi Zoi). It truly is!

Be well. Travel!

5 Luxury Villas for Your Dream Vacation to Greece

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