In this section of The Greek Vibe you can find posts on Greek culture, traditions, customs, and heritage. Join me and let’s discover Greece beyond its beautiful beaches, picturesque villages, and breathtaking mountains. Your #yournextgreeceadventure begins here.

  • Go Vegan in Greece At These Top-notch Athens Eateries
    In Athens, vegan and vegetarian choices have mushroomed. Greek restauranteurs have actively begun to either expand and diversify their vegetarian offerings while an impressive number of younger-generation shop-owners having decided to go full-out vegan.
  • Visit Meteora and Reach Out to the Universe
    A visit to the monasteries of Meteora is an absolute must and one of the five “should-do” things in Greece.
  • Greek Political Song: Get up, Stand up, Sing Out for Your Rights
    Inside Greek political and resistance song: Greeks have always chosen to be deeply political even if this is only in music and in verse.
  • The Ancient Greeks & The Many Types of Love 
    How many kinds of love are there? For the ancient Greeks, there were many, that’s why they had so many words and gods of love and sex.
  • Vergina: A Royal Tomb, A Golden Crown, A Travel Must
    Vergina, the kingdom of Macedonia, the burial ground of a great Greek king and his family. If you love Greece, then you must visit Vergina at least once in your lifetime.
  • Epiphany: When Greece Turns to Water & Light to Mark a New Start
    Every year, on January 6, Greece marks the Blessing of the Waters, known as Epiphany Day bringing the holiday season to a close and sending a message of spiritual rejuvenation.
  • 12+1 Greek Food Products You Must Try
    Bring the tastes of Greece to your table at home with these 13 easy-to-find products.
  • Kallikantzari: The Greek Trolls of Christmas
    Greece’s Christmas trolls, the ‘kallikantzari’ emerge from the darkness and cause a commotion for 12 whole days until January 6 sending a message to us all.
  • Tsakonia: Still Speaking One of the World’s Oldest Languages 
    Tsakonia is a territory in the Eastern Peloponnese, home to the Tsakones, a local people who speak Tsakonian, one of the world’s oldest languages, and continue to this day to preserve traditions and customs that go back to ancient Greece.
  • The Embroidered Breads of Greece on Show in Varnavas
    The European Bread Museum in Varnavas, Greece, casts the spotlight on the importance of bread in the life of the Greeks through its collection of embroidered breads or (in Greek) “ploumisto” or “kentito psomi”. 
  • A Sanctuary of Love: Safeguarding Crete Food Traditions & Heritage
    Long before the world understood the importance of culinary legacies, their impact on health and wellbeing, community prosperity and local economies, this US-born dreamer made her way to Crete and set up a humble refuge.
  • Asclepius & The Ancient Wellness Centers of Greece
    The ancient Greeks had gods for everything they either feared, hoped for or treasured. Obviously, good health and wellbeing were among these so they created Asclepius, the god of health and healing and flocked to his temples to seek comfort.
  • Fystiki Aeginis: The Greek Pistachio Nut
    Every year the Greek island of Aegina celebrates its most prized product: the fine “Fystiki Aeginis” or Aegina pistachio.
  • Ypovrichio: The Greek ‘Submarine’ Spoon Sweet
    The “Greek submarine” or “Ypovrichio” is a white chewy sweet flavored with vanila or mastiha and served on a spoon dipped in a long glass of crystal cold water.
  • The Greek Caper: A Culinary Marvel
    All about the magnificent Greek caper: its leaf, bud and fruit are all edible and highly sought after by foodies worldwide.
  • Dimitri Mitropoulos: Music’s Humble Giant
    A musical prodigy, Dimitri Mitropoulos was born in Greece, only to travel the world and conduct the world’s greatest orchestras.
  • Great Greek Treats: Don’t Leave Greece Without Them
    These 10 perfect Greek treats will bring back fond memories of your holidays to Greece and get you hankering for more.
  • Time for Greece’s Open-air ‘Therino’ Cinema
    Greece’s therino cinema is part and parcel of what Greek summer is all about: the smell of the sea, the sun, the aroma of the honeysuckle and jasmine, the scent of the basil plant, outdoor get-togethers and, of course, the therino cinema under the moon and the stars in the heart of the city.
  • Greek War of Independence Trivia
    Greeks commemorate the 1821 Greek War of Independence on March 25 every year. What you didn’t know about the Greek Revolution.
  • The 1821 Greek Revolution: Against All Odds
    Two hundred years ago, a handful of brave and daring men decided it was time for Greece to be rid of the Ottoman Turks who had enslaved the country for 400 years.
  • The Meze: Greece’s Famous Snacks
    The Greek meze is meant to be enjoyed over hours: taking a sip of your drink, sitting back, enjoying the carefree moment. Taking a bite. Which means you do not dig in right away!
  • Agios Yakinthos: Greece’s Saint Valentine
    Did you know that Greeks have their own saint of love? A Greek Saint Valentine? Well, yes! Meet Agios Yakinthos: the Greek patron saint of love, inspiration and creativity.
  • Meet A World Famous Greek Raisin
    Juicy, tangy and sweet: Ladies and gentlemen, meet the naturally sun-dried Corinth raisin, which also goes by the name: Zante currant and is a tiny wonder unique to Greece.
  • Getting the Genuine Rebetiko Experience in Athens
    If there’s one experience travelers to Greece should not miss, then that definitely is getting to hear the Greek blues – the rebetika live. Read all you need to know here.
  • A Great Greek Cookbook for All
    The new Greek cookbook by an expert and a Greek that comes at a time when most of us are seeking answers and ways to bolster our health and wellbeing. It also carries a very important cultural value as it safeguards Greek food heritage and our Mediterranean Diet legacy.