Kato Symi, Crete – A Traveler’s Gate to Heaven

Running waters, lush valleys, fruit trees and a tiny pine forest are home to a tiny village hidden in the mountains of Crete. Off the main road to Viannos, some 63km southeast of Iraklion’s main port, you will find a small wonder: Kato Symi. The picturesque village, a nature lover’s delight, lies in the embrace Discover…

Holy Friday: A Greek Orthodox Day of Mourning

Holy Friday, a day of loss and sorrow. A death knell echoes throughout Greece, from its remote villages to its buzzing cities. Flags are at half mast, and in the days of old, black cloths were hung from windows and balconies. On this day no activities are allowed. And in many remote villages, the only food allowed is vinegar, bread and olives.