‘Kalos Orisate’ or Welcome to The Greek Vibe 

‘Kalos Orisate’ or Welcome to The Greek Vibe 

If you’re interested in getting the most out of your travels to Greece, then you’ve come to the right place.

What makes The Greek Vibe the right place? Three decades of experience as a journalist for international media in everything from politics and culture to gastronomy and tourism. Thirty years of living, traveling and working in Greece. University studies in both Greece and the US. And above all a passion for traveling and a penchant for sharing

Yes, there are dozens of sites and blogs out there all offering lots of fantastic info on Greece. And I couldn’t be happier, because Greece is the Word.

But The Greek Vibe takes it a step further… 

Experiencing Greece Starts Here

  • If you’re seeking to experience the genuine side of Greece
  • If travel for you is all about immersing yourself in the local way of life 
  • If eating Greek means learning to cook Greek, choose the finest Greek products and know what to look for
  • If sailing the Greek islands means knowing the most trust-worthy skippers and sailboat companies
  • If camping means getting your hands dirty and your tent up among fellow nature-loving campers  
  • If trekking and hiking is all about discovering Greece rivers, lakes, mountains and caves with the help of trusted guides on trusted trails
  • If visiting the ideal Greek island has been your lifelong dream
  • If you want to experience ‘the Greece’ of your college courses 
  • If a perfect summer is all about the perfect Greek beach 
  • If your kids are coming along to Greece 
  • If your youthful passion for Greece is hungry for more 

Then The Greek Vibe is the perfect travel guide for you.

When in Greece… Tips

‘Kalos Orisate’ or Welcome to The Greek Vibe 
The dream is just one thought away. Reflections of Greece

✔︎do visit a beach, get a tan but make sure to wear sunscreen

✔︎do swim in the sea – the experience is totally different from your hotel pool. Plus seawater which has salts and iodine is good for you

✔︎do say hello to the locals, to the travelers, to the children – travel is all about harmony, new friendships, wellness

✔︎do find a seaside taverna and order some nice Greek wine or ouzo and a meze (tidbit-sized food items to accompany your drink)

✔︎do let go… holidays are all about letting go, feeling free to just take in the experience. Immerse yourself. There’s nothing stronger than the power of here and now

✔︎do take a selfie… alone, with your loved one, with a local, with a four-legged friend… to remember the magic 

✔︎do smell the jasmine (yasemi in Greek) … it embodies all that is Greek summer 

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