Off to Greece? Make Sure to Pack These Useful Items

You’re finally ready for your trip to Greece. Tickets and hotels are booked, you’ve requested your days off from work and now comes the fun part (for some)… packing for Greece. For me, packing has in the last few years gone from absolute fun to absolute nightmare. Yes, I admit it, I am old enough to remember no weight or size limits of suitcases on planes. True! So you can I imagine how hard packing in the new minimal era of flying hit me. 

Packing for travel has now become a skill if not a talent. So after repeated trial and error on my many trips in Greece and abroad, I’ve prepared a list of 16 must-bring travel items that I promise will make your trip to Greece and the Greek islands seamless. Trust me whether you’re staying in a tent or a 5-star hotel, this list has got you covered. So read on!

The Complete Packing List for Your Trip to Greece

1. Comfortable walking shoes

Off to Greece? Make Sure to Pack These Useful Items

If you’re like me, you’ll be walking a lot and I mean A LOT. Exploring rugged Greek islands, visiting ancient ruins, walking through villages, and loud “laiki” markets requires good quality supportive footwear. And in Greece, shoes also have to be above all breathable – remember in the summer temperatures get very (very) hot and you want your treasured feet to feel comfortable and loved. I do recommend closed sandals (this pair for men) to protect your feet from the stones especially when hiking on the islands to some far-off beach paradise. If walking is your thing then opt for open sandals: these are perfect (and these for a unisex choice).

2. Versatile and durable travel backpack

I can’t say this more: invest in a durable and versatile backpack. Your life essentials for the next weeks will be packed there so choose right. A travel back pack has to be light, anatomic, roomy, have several well organized compartments, and above all be secure. You’ll be carrying this all day everywhere on your day trips, hikes, to the beach, to the bar, during village or city strolls. For the past 30 years, this has been my companion. And remember, I’m a travel writer traveling all the time so they do take a beating. And this one when I bring along a computer, cables and plugs, cameras, selfie stick, gimbal and the list is endless.

3. A lightweight quick-dry microfiber beach towel 

An absolute must! We’re talking Greece now which means at the beach all day. And if you’re the hiking type, it means carrying a towel with you so it has to be light, absorbent, and quick to dry. I always bring two… one for the beach and one for all other purposes. Not all of us stay in 5-star hotels. That said my favorites: this one – do get the 40×72 inch towel or xl 72×32 – or this one.

Off to Greece? Make Sure to Pack These Useful Items

4. A lightweight windbreaker for those chilly nights

Also a must. A good windbreaker is actually the only thing you will need in terms of warmth if you come to Greece in the summer or spring even. First of all, it will come in handy for those of you renting motorbikes on the islands especially at night; for those who love – like I do – to stay on the beach literally forever (nights get chilly); for those who enjoy a drink on the seafront; and last but not least for the ferry ride. I would also add the crazy air conditioning at airports an inside planes. My top picks are this one and this one – waterproof and packable and they do the job.

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5. Light quick dry clothing

Yes, yes, yes, there are those of us who love bringing suitcases full of their favorite clothes but believe me it’s not worth it. Especially if you’re planning to island hop. So trust me, pack versatile, bring lightweight clothing that is airy and suitable for Greece’s sunny and very warm weather. Think flowy dresses, shorts, and breathable tops to keep you cool. These three items have got my back on every single trip so far. Zip-off pants (so you have two items instead of one), throw-on dresses like this one and this one.

6. A pair of very good sunglasses

You should always treat your eyes with care. Especially now that the sun’s UV rays are dangerous. As much as I too love changing frames to be in fashion, I don’t have the cash to back it up. So instead I’ve invested in top quality sunglasses. These two pairs accompany me everywhere all season any fashion. I’ve worn these for the past 30 years and this absolute pair also forever. 

7. A hat

Even if you love the sun or have a darker complexion, a hat is absolutely necessary especially in the summer. More so, if you have lighter skin. This one is perfect for Greece and the Greek island wind, it also protects your precious neck, is lightweight and breathable. Do not get it in a dark color. Dark colors attract the sun more. 

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8. High SPF sunscreen 

Just like the hat above it is also very important to always have good sunscreen with you and use it at all times whether you’re swimming, hiking or out taking photographs. Use for sure between 11am and 5pm in the summer months. I’m very happy with this sunscreen, which I’ve used for several years. And this one is effective for the little ones.

Off to Greece? Make Sure to Pack These Useful Items

9. A powerful portable charger

Staying connected is very important especially for bloggers like myself but also if you love taking photos, posting stories, or just hitting a far off beach so a high-capacity portable charger is an absolute must. Thanks to the abundance of sun we get in Greece, I use this solar-charging power bank which means I’m covered at all times.

10.  A Universal Travel Adapter

Greece uses Europlug (Type C and F) sockets. Be prepared by bringing a universal travel adapter to keep your devices charged during your hotel or Airbnb stay. Sometimes hotels offer this but not alwaysThis one is affordable a does the job. 

11. A Reusable Water Bottle – you’ll need it!

I can’t say this more: always carry a water bottle with you when visiting Greece especially in the summer. This BPA-free insulated choice is a good size and easy to carry.

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12. A travel pillow

It might sound like a luxury but believe me an inflatable pillow will make a long flight, a long ferry ride or a nap on the beach comfortable. I always carry this one in my beach bag. It’s light, soft, sand resistant, and comfortable. 

13. Waterproof phone pouch

Off to Greece? Make Sure to Pack These Useful Items

Learned about this the hard way one year at Iguazu Waterfalls in Argentina. Almost mised an exhiliarating raft ride under the falls because I didn’t have one. Thankfully, the organizers had one and I was lucky. This simple lightweight accessory protects your phone so you won’t miss all the fun whether its kayaking, sailing, kite, SUPing, wind surfing or rafting or even swimmingThis one is great. Finally, used it in Argentina while going under waterfalls in a boat!

14. Insect repellent

No one likes mosquitoes. Visiting Greece in the summer means mosquitos especially in places near forests or lakes. Do yourself good by packing a reliable insect repellent. Choose one with a high DEET concentration for effective protection. This one or this plant based DEET-free choice do the trick. Don’t forget to spray it on before sunset. Once the sun disappears from the sky it’s showtime for our pesky friends. 

15. Travel-sized First Aid Kit

The best protection is prevention. Be prepared for any minor mishaps with a compact first aid kit containing essentials like adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, seasickness meds, pain relievers, and any necessary prescription medications. This one has it all, is light and water resistant. Warning: I would definitely add this item to your kit for jellyfish or bee stings and insect bites.

16. A good pair of flip-flops 

An essential part of the Greek summer experience. It’s about the easy life… slip them on, grab a towel, head to the beach. I wore these for years and put lots of mileage into them. They were actually better than my sports shoes. These are my second favorite pair. 

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You ready to go! with these 15 hand-picked travel items, your trip to Greece is bound to be perfect. Plus you’ll enjoy the comfort of home away from home.

Kalo Taxidi guys!

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♫  I end today’s post with Greek singer-songwriter Nikos Portokaloglou in 2003 tune “Metro ta Kymata” about the eagerness to see a loved one despite the long trip. “I count the days, the hours, the steps, the waves” till we meet again.

Be well. Travel!

Off to Greece? Make Sure to Pack These Useful Items

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