What do Greeks do for Christmas


Christmas in Greece is a time to meet with family and friends, look back on the past year and make plans for the New Year. In the past, Christmas was never a big holiday for the Greeks. It was more like a period of spiritual rest before the New Year. 

Nowadays Christmas has evolved into a massive fête and like all Greek holidays, it too is marked by food – eating it as much as preparing it.   

Taking center stage atop a festively set table in all Greek homes are platters of melomakarona (honey-dipped biscuits) and kourabiedes (sugar topped butter cookies).

In Greece, families and friends celebrate on Christmas Day around a dinner table set in its best with tints of red and green for the season. The Greek Christmas meal usually includes cheeses, salads with seasonal greens, roast lamb, pork, or duck with filling and potatoes, tyropita and spanakopita (cheese and spinach pies), plenty of wine and freshly baked bread.

Dinner begins with a toast: “Stin Ygeia Mas” (Health to All).

Merry Christmas too all and Hronia Polla!

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