Marietta Fafouti appeared out of nowhere… or so it seemed. Several years ago, a TV ad mentioned her as a backup for a major Athens concert. That song in the background got people clicking away at the keyboards in frantic efforts to find who this was.

Marietta Fafouti: A funky Greek making music magic in English

Several YouTube and internet searches later, Marietta appeared with not one but two albums to her name and songs that were fresh, diverse and far from the usual effortless trend in Greece to simply revamp old tunes of the ’50s, ’60 and ’70s.

This was a Greek artist, penning her own music and lyrics, singing them and promoting them on her own but in a fashion that is true only of the true artist, without intent, without seeking an easy recipe for overnight success and most likely without even caring if anyone listened. She just did her art, with love and sincerity, and today has come to the fore in a non-existent Greek music industry solely on her own devices.

That song from the ad… the 2012 “KookooBadi , an explosive funk/soul single with original arrangements is bound to get the couch potato up and dancing.

Her vocals? Beautiful harmony and smooth softness as in “Hum”, which never made it into Fafoutis’ debut album Try a Little Romance, released on Patras-based indie label Inner Ear Records. It did, however, make into Dimitris Papaspyropoulos’ Long Missed Heroes compilation. Papaspyropoulos is known for his eclectic tastes in music with every selection of his topping the charts and hearts of music lovers.

Fafouti in the Anne Clark-inspired “Don’t Stop” .

Other influences include Queen, David Bowie, Prodigy and I would add Enya and Deep Forest.

Here in the seductive “Fairy Tale”, a work by Greek band Minor Project featuring Fafouti.

Here in mid-tempo soul ballad “You Give Me Love”, a duet featuring Gautier.

So what’s the story behind this Greek songstress? In her mid-teens, a restless Fafouti tried her hand at composing. Following a failed attempt to get into music school, a copywriter dismissal and an accidental MySpace account, Fafouti found herself making music. But perhaps what describes her best would be “adverse”. The composer has penned the soundtrack for a number of films and TV shows, not to mention catchy jingles for TV and radio.

In a nutshell, this 33-year-old is a little bit of country and a little bit of rock ’n roll and everything in between and that’s what makes Fafoutis’ brand of music simply fun. If anyone’s listening, she can make it internationally; she’s got the talent, the drive, the passion and the right people behind her doing the right things.

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