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If there ever was a breakup song – and Greeks have thousands for this particular and inevitable moment in life – then “S’eho Kanei Theo” (I’ve Made You God) is definitely one of them.

First sung by laika singer Katerina Stanisi in 1999 off her Allaxe I Zoi Mou album (FM Records), the song got a new lease on life when pop-laika performer Giorgos Mazonakis – aka Mazo among friends and fans – performed it live and recorded it on his own album in 2004, Mazonakis Live (Heaven).

‘In God We Trust’

Stanisi’s rendering is more the desperate plea of a woman wanting her man back… and she delivers a powerful performance with her gruff vocals adding to the severity of the situation.

Mazonakis’ take is more the appeal of a rejected male who’s truly wondering what he did wrong to find himself in this sad predicament. 

Composed by Panos Kapiris to the agonizing lyrics of Fontas Theodorou, “S’eho Kanei Theo is the song all Greeks, male of female, MUST sing when their baby’s gone.

This laiko piece of work is so much a part of the Greek mindset that an even more diverse operatic-turned-metal rendition featured in the film Illustration interpreted by contralto Irini Karagianni. (The actress playing the role is Eftychia Fanarioti.) 

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