What do Greeks do on New Year’s

Athens New Year

Greeks begin to celebrate the coming of the new year on December 31. The celebrations are focused – as always – around food and family. New Year’s Eve starts off in the morning with the “kalanta” – or New Year’ carols wishing health, wealth and happiness, to be followed late in the evening at around 9.30-10pm with the family feast.

Most Greeks wait until midnight at home with family or gather in central Athens, where mayor and popular Greek singers announce the dawn of the new year. 

In that passing moment from old to new, most Greeks have plans with friends to go out on the town. Most of the country’s popular venues will be open to the wee hours of the morning for revelling Greeks ushering the New Year in the best possible way: partying.

According to a belief in Greece, whatever you do at midnight on New Year you’ll be doing for the rest of the year. So be careful to do something you love.

From the Greek Vibe, Kali Hronia and Hronia Polla may 2020 be filled with wellness, abundance, and love.   

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