Eat Like a Greek in 5 Easy Steps


1) Get the Greek music playing. In last month’s post, I recommend songs virtually taking you from the sea to the mountains and from the city to the countryside. Turn the volume up and head to the kitchen.

2) Find a small table, bring in a candle or two, lay your favorite summery table cloth, small plates and forks, and shot glasses for ouzo or wine glasses.

3) Pour the wine in wine glasses or your ouzo in your shot glasses. Don’t forget the ice.

4) Serve the foods you’ve prepared above in small plates. Don’t forget, the Greek meze experience is much like the tapas in Spain. Small titbits to keep you going while you slowly indulge in the moment with friends, family or love interest or even alone… simply relaxing and enjoying what you have now. 

5) Drinking in Greece is a very slow process, so make sure to drink ‘mindfully’ – which means chatting a bit, letting go of any unwanted thoughts, and… languidly, as if time is of no matter or meaning, enjoy life right this moment. And don’t forget to toast:“Stin Ygeia Mas” (Health to All) – even if you’re alone!

6) Catch Greece… on film. Bring Greece even closer to home by watching a movie shot on some spectacular location in Greece. Visit Santorini, Skopelos, Mykonos, Athens or Kefalonia with these films… 

In the words of Greek philosopher Socrates:

“The secret of happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.  

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